Urban Elegance
Often a few very distinguished buildings and places can serve to elevate and transform an entire context of a city. With its extraordinary design, the Gold Season towers will become Hanoi’s most enviable residential address. The project celebrates and enhances Hanoi’s unique context with a contemporary style—an urbanity that offers elegance with authenticity.

Gold Season demonstrates the potential of design in Hanoi—achieving a world-class, urbane elegance to complement the special character of the city—its history, culture and natural environment. The quality offered by the project is modern, high luxury living—with building entries, lobbies, public and residential spaces setting a new standard in the city for gracious scale and elegance. This prestigious residential experience is heightened by the drama of the four towers as they overlook the surrounding city, lakes, and Red River beyond.



Integrated Landscape—Sunlight, Nature & Serenity

The landscape design of Gold Season creates an exquisite interaction of architecture, sunlight, air and nature, evoking a serene atmosphere in harmony with Hanoi’s unique environment of green parks and lakes. The landscape elements are integrated into an artistic tapestry of terraces, courts and gardens in the concept of a spreading “Gold Autumn Leaf” to represent Hanoi’s most pleasant season. From the central public park fronting Nguyen Tuan Street, pedestrian paths symbolize the leaf’s blade and veins, reaching out to connect to the four towers. A plaza is configured as the central “heart” of the urban park, where active gathering, interaction and diverse activities can take place.